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thank you for your interest in our Products and Services! Are we the partner you are looking for? Convince yourself! Some frequent questions and answers are listed below:

Process Analysis - Process Analytical Technology (PAT) - what do I need?

S-PACT Process Analyzer

Most probably you are in need of a technology for monitoring the status or dynamics of your process? This for sure requires a measurement device (sensor), but equally important is an intelligent system for the interpretation of the acquired raw data. A reasonable combination of both - measurement and analysis technology - this is what makes up our Process Analyzers! This enables you to analyse, understand and optimise or control your process.

Which processes and phenomena can be monitored?

S-PACT Applications

We are not restricted to reactions or chemical transformations, but work out solutions for separations, purifications or control of blending steps as well. Not only on production scale, but frequently also for lab-scale and process development!

We have listed typical examples for customised Process Analyzer solutions and applications. Step in and find out!

Which technology is inside an S-PACT Process Analyzer?

Be sure that the selection of the appropriate measurement technology for your application is the basic requirement to a successful Process Analyzer. With our expertise we focus on vibrational spectroscopy (e.g. mid-infrared/MIR, Raman), but we are similarly familiar with UV-VIS, near-infrared (NIR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and chromatography.

What is special about the S-PACT Process Analyzer?

Spectral Hard Model

With our Hard Modeling methods for data analysis we have powerful tools at hand - beyond established chemometrics -, which allow us to extract process information from the analytical data in an extremely efficient way.

Indirect Hard Modeling (IHM) and Hard Modeling Factor Analysis (HMFA) are exclusively available through our analysis software PEAXACT!

Can S-PACT Process Analyzer be automated?

Our Process Analyzers are meant to reduce your workload, and should not generate additional work! This is why we aim at an integration of these analysers into your automation or control systems. For that reason, we prefer to offer online analysers with numerous types of communication interfaces - 4-20 mA, OPC, Modbus - for seamless integration into various commercial DCS environments.

How experienced is S-PACT in the field? Do you have references?

With more than ten years of experience - initially as scientists at RWTH Aachen University, since 2010 with S-PACT - we are a flexible and reliable partner for you! Among our references you will find expert teams and production units of major international chemical companies, but small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and universities or research institutes alike.

Again and again, it is our contribution that empowers high-end research and development activities, e.g. in the Bayer lighthouse project Dream Production or with the winner of the German PAT Award 2014.

Only your success is our success!

We look forward to your request!

The S-PACT Team