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PEAXACT Application Server

The Application Server enables you to embed PEAXACT analytical methods into third-party applications. You can integrate PEAXACT with your own application or use it in combination with your measurement software as back-end-analyzer for the online evaluation of spectra.

Application Programming Interface (API)

For the integration into your own application the server provides state-of-the-art COM and .NET connectivity.

For the integration into the measurement applications HoloPro from Kaiser Optical Systems and OPUS from Bruker Optics we have ready-made solutions for you. Other third-party applications which are shipped with a ready-to-use interface to PEAXACT are: MultiSpec Pro II from tec5, Process Pulse II from CAMO.

We can help you to seamlessly embed PEAXACT into your existing measurement software, analysis framework, or distributed control system (DCS). If necessary, the Application Server could be extended to meet customer demands.


PEAXACT ProcessLink is an interactive Windows app to link PEAXACT data analysis to any spectrometer system without the need for individual programming. Analysis results are graphically presented to the user in a real-time chart, and are exposed to external applications by means of a built-in OPC UA server.

PEAXACT ProcessLink is an add-on module for the Application Server.