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Software Maintenance Service (SMS)

Software Maintenance Service (SMS) is an annual subscription to a service package:

  • Free major upgrades
  • Technical Support
  • Immediate hot-fixes or interim solutions for software problems
  • Periodic maintenance updates (several times a year)


Upgrades to new major versions are free of charge.

Technical Support

Our support engineers provide solutions to all technical issues you are facing with PEAXACT:

  • licensing & installation
  • product help
  • bugs and other technical problems
  • suggestions and feature requests

Hot Fixes

If you encounter a software bug which prevents you from doing your work, you can expect our Technical Support to provide an immediate hot fix. Often you can download a fixed PEAXACT version the next day. You don't have to wait for the next regular maintenance update.

Maintenance Updates

Maintenance updates are released in a short cycle (several times a year). This ensures continuous bug fixing and improvements. PEAXACT informs you about new versions on startup. The latest changes are presented on the What's New page on our PEAXACT blog: www.s-pact.de/blog

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