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Training Courses

In process analytics every application is different. Competent staff is the key factor in handling every new application successfully.

With SPACT training courses you are right on track. We offer the following courses:

  • Chemometrics training course for beginners (2 days, on-site): Our chemometrics course is the perfect introduction into the world of multivariate data analysis and a must-have for everybody working with spectra. The course teaches a best-practice workflow for data visualisation, data modeling, calibration, and validation. All relevant analysis methods will be introduced (PCA, Peak Integration, MCR, HMFA, IHM, PLS) and will be trained in hands-on exercises.
  • Spectrometer training course (half a day): Spectrometers are far too expensive to be used inefficiently! We explain how to record the best data with your equipment under all circumstances... and what you better should not do.

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