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PEAXACT ProcessLink

PEAXACT ProcessLink is a very easy-to-use, interactive Windows app to link quantitative spectra analysis with PEAXACT to any lab or process spectrometer. New spectrum files are automatically analyzed in real-time thanks to folder monitoring. Results are immediately presented to the user in a real-time chart, and are exposed to external applications by means of a built-in OPC UA server.

ProcessLink is based on the PEAXACT Application Server.


  • Simple-to-use: choose a folder to be monitored, load PEAXACT models, and you are good to go!
  • Output of results to a text file
  • Exposure of results by means of an integrated OPC UA Server
  • Big display of the latest results in a table
  • Continuous display of results in a chart
  • Setup View
  • Table View
  • Real-Time Chart
  • Chart View
  • OPC UA Server View
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