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Analyzer App - Products

Analyzer Apps turn spectroscopic sensors into smart Process Analyzers. Just as smart phones - only the App brings the value! Analyzer Apps are an all-in-one product, integrating chemometrics, analysis software, and automation for real-time process monitoring. Is your application suitable for spectroscopic Process Analysis? Find out fast and easily with a free feasibility study.

Process Knowledge
Get insight into your chemistry while it happens.

Faster than ever
Monitor reactions and dynamic processes in real-time.

Quality & Quantity
High-end equipment for your quantitative analytics.
Reliable & robust
Comprehensive toolbox including hard modeling methods.

Custom & optimized
Tailored to your process application by our experts.

Automated & connected
Latest technologies for maximum benefit in real time.
Analyzer Apps require custom configuration and will therefore be streamlined to your very process. However, from the list of Analyzer Apps we realised until now, you can guess that your application won't be far off the track. Check out now!