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Automated Process Analysis in Real-Time

Automated measurement and data analysis generate process information in real-time and make it available for you online. That's the Analyzer App!
For each analysis task, we select the best matching analysis method, e.g. multivariate statistics or robust Hard Modeling methods. Our default analysis platform is PEAXACT, others on request.
For each process environment, we select the best matching connectivity with existing process information systems.

  • Process quantities: product concentration, chemical conversion, contamination, humidity, degree of polymerization, polymorphism, solid/gas content, color, ...
  • Connectivity: 4-20 mA, OPC, Modbus, USB, ...
  • Usage: process monitoring, process control, process optimization, reaction monitoring, quality control, ...

Automation with PEAXACT ProcessLink

With PEAXACT ProcessLink, any spectroscopic device is turned into a Process Analyzer. Analysis results are displayed in real-time (trend view, numerical display) and logged to a text file. An integrated OPC-UA server publishes the results for external client readings.

Automation with PEAXACT AppServer

The PEAXACT AppServer enables automated analysis of process data. The AppServer can be integrated seamlessly with your process software, e.g. with HoloPro (Kaiser), OPUS Process (Bruker), MultiSpec Pro II (tec5), Panorama (LabCognition), Process Pulse 2 (CAMO), or the software of your choice.