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PEAXACT Products

PEAXACT is our chemometrics software for the quantitative analysis of lab or process spectra. PEAXACT provides everything from data pretreatment to multivariate calibration as well as exclusive Hard Modeling methods such as Indirect Hard Modeling (IHM). Select a product here or see our product finder.

Graphical Modeling
Interactive Windows app for the graphical creation of analysis models.

All in One Place
From data pretreatment to spectral modeling to calibration.

Just the Best Methods
Peak Picking, Integration, Hard Modeling (IHM, HMFA, and others), PCA, PLS, MCR-ALS, Classification.
Real-Time Analysis
Interactive Windows app for device-independent analysis of spectra in real-time.

Trend Monitoring

Real-time chart for displaying results and for easy monitoring of trends.

OPC UA Server

Publication of results in a local network with the integrated OPC-UA server.
Analyzer API
Integrate quantitative data analysis with your DCS or measurement software.

Real-time Predictor
Use PEAXACT as a back-end predictor for data analysis in real-time.


Interface to process-/ measurement software e.g. by E+H, Bruker, Tornado, tec5, or in synTQ and SIPAT.